Children at St Mark (3 years old through 5th grade)

When Jesus said "let the children come to me" we believe that Jesus intended for the Church to be a community where children can be welcomed, learn, and make a difference.  We believe that children are not just the future of the Church, but that they are also a very important part of the Church today! Children are always welcome at our worship services, and we set aside part of each service just for children.  

Because of Covid-19 we are unable to offer childcare at this time during worship. We will add childcare back into our offerings once it is safe to do so. 

During the 2020 school year our programming for children 3 years through 5th grade takes place on Sunday mornings.  Sunday School at St Mark is open to the entire family.  We gather together following worship @10:00 AM.  Each Sunday will begin with music and a lesson for everyone, followed by age-level classes for young children (and parents who want to join in).