With the help of friends with food, a few more can be fed.

The Food Bank of Iowa, St. Mark Lutheran Church, and SALUD Multicultural Health Coalition of Storm Lake have partnered together to offer a monthly food delivery to those who are permanently or temporarily homebound and with no easy access to transportation. As official partners of the Food Bank of Iowa, we order our food from them as well as receiving free produce and dairy products to distribute to these families on the third Thursday of each month.

We invite you and other community leaders  to share with us the names of those who you feel would benefit from this program. Friends With Food helps families or individuals who:

  • Are temporarily or permanently homebound due to age, illness, injury or disability
  • May have difficulty accessing transportation
  • May have a limited social support network

 The monthly supplemental food delivery is free for the family.  If you know of a family, please ask if they will permit you to share the following information:

      Last name


      Number of people in the household

        ○      Number of people  18 years of age or less

        ○      Number of people 19-59 years old

        ○      Number of people 60 years old or older

Email     Julie Cook or   Di Daniels. with the names of person, or if you have questions.  

You can also call Di Daniels 712-299-9863 or Jane Hartwell at the St. Mark office. 712-732-5255.

Click this link to learn more about SALUD Multicultural Health Coalition of Storm Lake