Boards & Committees

Serving on boards and committees is a great way to get involved in the St. Mark community. Boards meet monthly; committees meet as determined by the individual need. Each board chairperson is a member of our Parish Planning Council (PPC) and helps oversee the life and activities of the congregation. The PPC Executive Committee includes a president, vice president, past president, secretary, and treasurer. Contact any of those listed below with your questions, concerns or requests.

Executive Committee

Todd Nicholson – President
– Vice President
Ken Converse – Past President
Rachel Nicholson – Secretary
Brad Lenhart – Treasurer
Linda Glienke – Asst. Treasurer

Board of Parish Education and Youth

The basic objective of this board shall be to plan and administer the total education of the congregation, to determine policies, select personnel and to provide means and facilities for all programs for all ages.

Members: Sarah Deitering, Tom James, Justin Mellmann, Joan Christen, Laura Newhouse

Board of Evangelism

The basic objectives of this board are to concern itself with the unchurched through evangelism programs and to deepen the faith and understanding and activity of all members of the congregation.

Members: Mike Porsch, Faye Deitering, Connie Leinbaugh, Chris Prois, Josh Newhouse, Norma Williams

Board of Parish Fellowship

The basic objectives of this board are the strengthening of fellowship between congregational members spiritually and socially, the integration of new members into the life of the congregation and the general upbuilding of mutual; cooperation, trust, and enjoyment among the members of the congregation.

Members: Paulette Erlandson, Nancy Ledoux, Julie Cook, Stan Bochtler, Brenda Newell

Board of Stewardship

The basic objectives of this board are to initiate programs for development of good stewardship attitudes in members regarding time and talents and to ensure the stability of the congregation.

Members: Randy Sennert, Jim Hultgren, Steve Berg, Julie Sievers

Board of Church Properties

The basic objective of this board is to supervise the proper care, maintenance and repair of all church properties.

Members: Robert Rohlfsen, Aric Aronson, Jeff Brummer, Gary Deitering

Board of Worship

The basic objective of this board is to enable the gathered congregation to experience the activity of God through the Word and Sacraments, and to enable the individual person to respond to God’s presence in his/her own life, in the lives of those in the community and in the world.

Members: Wende Douglas, Mary Ann Bengtson, Jason Shepherd, Lisa Mellmann, Lori Slight

Women of the ELCA Board

The basic objective of this board is to encourage all women to participate in the activities of the church and to become involved in the program specifically designed for the Women of the ELCA.

Members:  Margaret Stangohr , Nancy Ledoux,  Phyllis Caradine, Carole Suhr

Board of Social Ministry

The basic objectives of this board is to identify situations, events, places, and occasions where members of the congregation can reach out to neighbors in our local, national and world communities with the love of Jesus Christ and to encourage members to answer needs which have been identified.

Members: Christina Rice, Cindy Smith, April Kucera, Maxine Lampe, Stacey Dewerff

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee supports the mission of St. Mark Lutheran Church, its programs, ministries, and outreach purposes by encouraging members to provide philanthropic support of its permanent and perpetual funds.

Endowment Brochure

Members: Russ Eddie, Dennis Jacobson, Kent Smith

Mutual Ministry Committee

The Mutual Ministry Committee meets regularly to affirm, evaluate, and strengthen the ministry of the pastor and the congregation.

Members:  Josh Newhouse, Nancy Ledoux, Mike Porsch, Robert Rohlfsen, Cindy Smith, Julie Sievers