Small Groups

If you have been around many churches you hear the phrase "small group" used a lot.  Small groups are simply what it sounds like, it is a small group of people (5-10) who gather together regularly to pray for and encourage one another, learn, and deepen their walk.  Small groups are quite diverse by nature, so there is no "ONE WAY" to practice life-together in a small group. There are currently a number of small groups around St Mark, and we are always ready to add more. If you have a question, email Pastor Dave

What would we talk about in a small group?

While each small group is different small groups can have conversations about life. Sometimes you may talk about challenges, or sometimes just listen to one another. There are plenty of Bible studies and  books that you can use to begin your Small Group with at St Mark. A good way to start one is to talk 4-6 others and invite them to commit to getting together. Then, contact Pastor Dave and tell him HEY, you know how you are always talking about small groups?  We we are ready to get our started!!"