About Us

The St. Mark family has served the Storm Lake community since 1952. During these years, we’ve been called “A Church of Love” (1954, Pastor Erhardt Neilsen of Audubon, Iowa), our strength has been attributed to “the willingness of people to serve in a host of activities, utilizing our gifts to the glory of God and in service one to another” (former pastor Dr. Victor Wenger, 1983-1992) and our theme has been described as “Joy…for Christ has been known” (former pastors David Grindberg, 1994-2000 and Kenn Storck, 1994-1998). In our early years, we built a building (1954), a parsonage (1955), and a sanctuary (1967). We remodeled and added on to all three projects, and then sold the parsonage so we can better meet the needs in the community and of a growing congregation. Our Social Ministry programs have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. We sponsored Vietnamese refugee families in the 1970′s and assisted with a community-wide, ecumenical process that created the current-day Southeast Asian Ministry. In the mid-2000′s, we opened our doors to refugee families from the Sudan and connected with our sister congregation in Lupembe, Tanzania. Our Small Groups ministry, groups of eight to 10 people who meet monthly for Bible study and support, encourages members to minister to each other, in addition to the community. Our Stephen Ministry program offers opportunities for an individual to minister directly with someone in need, usually on a weekly basis. Our Parish Education program includes service and fellowship opportunities for Sunday School, Confirmation, and High School youth. We proclaim a Mission Statement

St. Mark is a welcoming community, boldly witnessing Christ’s love.

a Vision Statement

We will dedicate ourselves to the study of God’s word; worship in ways that are meaningful, flexible, and creative; and assist the needy in our local community, respond to disaster relief efforts, prepare our youth to serve, and support national and international missions and deepen our relationship with Christ and with each other.

and live according to the tagline of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

God’s Work. Our Hands.

Join us.