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Good Soil”…………..Thoughts from Pastor Deb Mechler

“Lord, let my heart be good soil!” I love the hymn by Handt Hanson that opens with those words. In the summer, we in Iowa have the pleasure of watching thousands of acres of land producing corn, beans, and other crops. I never grow tired of seeing such abundance growing from tiny seeds. It is inspiring to see the many farmers tending their precious land, yearly harvesting huge amounts of grain to feed the world and to provide many other products from their efforts.

Farming is a great metaphor for spiritual matters, as Jesus knew. He used agrarian images such as sowing seeds, vineyards, and raising animals to help us understand our relationship with God. Recently the gospel lesson in Matthew 13 was the parable of the sower and the seed, the farmer scattering seeds in what seems like a careless manner, wasting seeds on paths and among weeds and rocks. Still, the seeds that fell on good soil produced enough to outweigh the risks of sowing the seeds with abandon.

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