Greetings from Interim Pastor Deb Mechler

Running the Race Together

Until arthritis caught up with me, I used to be a runner.  I ran in a 5K and 10K fundraiser every summer, and enjoyed running about three times a week otherwise.

They have a 5K in Royal every summer to support the summer recreation program for children.  It was fun to be there with people in the congregation I served.  A few years back, a new family had just started coming to church, and Donna, the mom, was there for the 5K.  Great!  I’d get to chat with her maybe   after the run.

During the run, Donna seemed to be plodding along at the same pace I usually did.  No blue ribbons for me; I just enjoyed the benefits of running itself.  I decided to come alongside her to encourage her.  She seemed to be breathing a little hard and could use a cheerleader to get through the run, I thought.  And wasn’t she going to be impressed with her new pastor?  So energetic and positive!

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