Greetings from Interim Pastor Paul Bengtson

It might seem that way. After all, we know each other. Mary Ann and I have been members here for years, we’ve both served on Boards and the Parish Planning Committee, and I’ve been your interim pastor before. There certainly is a familiarity as we work together.

On the other hand, neither I nor our congregation is quite the same today. I’m older, slower, more forgetful, and I view technology with suspicion. When I began 3 years ago, we had successfully completed the Sanctuary Project, and our Transition Team had an exciting pastoral candidate in its sights. This time we’re yet to form a Transition Team (more later). We will feel the loss of our young, energetic pastor for quite a while. I can sense our congregation’s uncertainty as we look ahead. Let’s pledge to seek the Spirit’s guidance and to pray for each other.

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