Greetings from Interim Pastor Paul Bengtson

Give Thanks…

Ah, November! Crisp air, the satisfaction that comes with yard clean-up when that last leaf finally drops, shovels/snowblowers/ice-melt at the ready — you know: November stuff. Then comes the 24th.   Anticipation for that day may already have our imaginations drifting to the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have other thanksgiving celebrations that come first –

…With a Grateful Heart   St. Mark gathers on All Saints weekend to give thanks for the lives of those in our church family who died this past year. We thank God for their lives and all they meant to our congregation and all those around them. Their faith and example became the faith legacy we enjoy today. We remember Lorna, Donadee, Phil, Henry, Lavira, Addie, and Orville. The faith we share with them assures us that they are safe forever in God’s care.


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