From Pastor David Kebschull


Leslie and I would like to thank you for your invitation to become a part of the St Mark community. Your very strong affirmation to extend call to me at the Congregation Meeting is humbling and is received with gratitude. I would like to thank the members of the Call Committee for their faithful work in the search process.  They presented St Mark in the best light and were very helpful in answering our questions.

At this time Leslie and I are in the midst of bringing closure to our season in Cedar Falls, and preparing for the move to Storm Lake. We have been blessed with many friendships here, so we are busy saying “good-bye” to our friends in the community and congregation.  At St John, I’m busy with final meetings, visits, and with the tasks of bringing my chapter in their story to closure as they begin their search for a Pastor.   (go to page 3 to read the rest of this)

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