Greetings from Interim Pastor Paul Bengtson

Six years ago I attended my high school class’s 50th reunion. Part of our reunion     activities included a tour of the high school building that was dedicated and opened for our junior year. It took some mental gymnastics for us to realize that the “new” school we enjoyed as juniors and seniors is now older than the facility it replaced. As students we were so proud of our new high school building – and we were too young to appreciate the tax burden assumed by Moline’s property owners!

Today I joined many of you in touring Storm Lake’s expanded and remodeled high school building. And I was so proud! A magnificent auditorium, state of the art science class rooms, a great Media Center (the library for you gray-haired folks), and exceptional class rooms equip our students for an excellent high school education. I’m thankful for tax-payers who put student success ahead of our tax liabilities.

I couldn’t help but think of our own congregation. Here we are in the year of our Lord 2016, 60+ years old. St. Mark is well established. We have no indebtedness. We are blessed with wonderful facilities and a rich tradition of ministry.

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