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Lent is a busy time in the church. So I always look forward to Easter, both for the joy that the celebration of the Resurrection brings, but also for that promise of new life. To me, that new life is both the hope of everlasting life and also a renewed energy to live this earthly life to the fullest. After 40 days of Lent, with all the extra worship services and activities, I could use some extra energy!

But what about you? When are the times in your life that you feel like you are in need of recharging? Have you been struggling with illness or depression, broken relationships, grief, stress or anxiety? Maybe you look forward to healing, an end to conflict, or an unexpected source of relief. Many look forward to the summer months as a time to get away from work for some vacation time. Whatever is wearing you out or getting you down, the thought of new life sounds refreshing and encouraging

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