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How clear is our vocation, Lord,

when once we heed your call

to live according to your word

and daily, learn, refreshed, restored,

that you are Lord of all

and will not let us fall.

In what you give us, Lord, to do,

together or alone,

in old routines or ventures new,

may we not cease to look to you,

the cross you hung upon,

all you endeavored done. 

Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal #580

These are the first and last verses of the hymn we sang at a recent worship service led by Bishop Prois and the synod staff during a Holy Week service for clergy. All too frequently, the pastors and leaders of worship services miss out on the chance to really worship during regular services, being so focused on the leading, preaching, and details of the experience. So when I had a chance to relax and just be during this worship service, these words really spoke to me.

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