Greetings from Pastor Ben

Kwa Jina la Baba, na la Mwana, na la Roho Mtakatifu

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

Brothers and sisters of St. Mark, asante sana for your generous support of Monica and my trip to visit our companion congregation in Lupembe Tanzania. This opportunity helped us broaden our knowledge of the culture and people of Tanzania, as well as our perspective on many things like the Christian mission and community, poverty and hunger, world politics and policies, and even economics. I am currently writing an in-depth account of the trip, our experiences and what we learned, on the PB&J: Pastor Ben & Jesus blog. Throughout October you’ll be able to read chapter-by-chapter about what we saw, the people we met, and what a visit to Africa was like to a first time traveler. Also, we were able to capture some stunning images of African landscapes, wildlife, people and places. Prints of these pictures are available for sale at the church as part of the continued fundraising for the trip and perhaps even future visits by St. Mark or Lupembe members. Because, one thing we learned from this visit was that the best way to build our companion relationship is for us to actually meet and share with one another the ministries, hopes, dreams, challenges, and joys that we experience in our communities.

In the meantime, here is a brief version of the McIntires’Tanzania safari and what we encountered:



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