Greetings from Interim Pastor Deb Mechler

“Before I Go”

In mid-April I announced my decision to leave St. Mark at the end of May. My last Sunday will be on Memorial weekend, May 27. What a privilege it has been to serve you!

As I look back over my first experience with interim ministry, I can identify a few things I would do differently if given the opportunity. You were patient with me as a newcomer to the role! It doesn’t serve you to write about my ponderings about that. But I wonder if you might benefit from my thoughts about this beloved congregation, since you will be entering another transition time, perhaps a little anxious about waiting for a new pastor for going on two years.

One of the benefits of weekly worship is the chance to get a perspective on our life and our faith, individually and together. Periodically every congregation needs to take a step back and do the same thing. You have done this from time to time, and once you do have a new pastor, I’m sure that process will happen again. But I will ask you to think about three questions and one observation in the meantime.

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